I have another freebie for you, but nothing funny comes to my mind in connection with a chorus. Maybe it’s because my head is still swirling with weird rhythms, swells, and sweeps.

Modul 8

Well, module Nr. 8…

Anyway — inspired by multiple Japanese stomp-boxes well known for their unique sound and approach to modulation, Modul8 is a dual LFO stereo chorus. It means that the resulting modulation is a combination of two LFOs scaled according to their respective modulation width, which results in almost endless number of rhythmic variations in the modulation pattern.

Features are what you would expect from a chorus (and then some):

  • Two independent LFOs with on/off switches and adjustable speed and width (LFO A oscillates at 0.8 Hz to 8 Hz, and LFO B oscillates at 0.3 Hz to 3 Hz)
  • Feedback control that sets the amount of flanging
  • Optional filtering and adjustable drive of modulated signal
  • Phase invert on R channel for wide stereo (mono incompatible)
  • LFO mute “kill-switch” for musical phrasing
  • separate wet and dry controls

Honestly, there’s nothing more for me to say, only — enjoy and have a lot of fun 😉

Download plug-in >>