I’m happy to announce release of the very first plug-in, code named SN01, from my Signal Noise line of VST effects (currently Windows only, though). It’s a VCA style dynamic range compressor, and when it comes to its name – S stands for Signal, N for Noise, and 01 is obviously the ordinal number.

Signal Noise SN01-G

Vintage look with a modern sound 😉

The plug-in comes in two flavors. One is GUI-less (SN01) and the other one has a nice colorful user interface (SN01-G). Now, you can probably starting to see were the G came from. If not, it denotes the version with GUI. Of course, both flavors come as 32-bit and also 64-bit.

To copy/paste straight from the manual:

SN01/SN01-G is a dynamic range compression plug-in, inspired by two classic VCA buss compressors of UK and US variety. It has switchable linked feed-forward/feedback topology, with highly variable knee, optional internal side-chain filtering and ‘push’ effect, and adjustable wet/dry ratio. The plug-in is designed to work both as musically pleasing buss glue while also being an efficient channel insert with low ASIO/CPU footprint.

Delving further into the details, the features look like this:

  • threshold from +20dB to -20dB (zero mark is at -20dBFS)
  • ratio from 1:1 (no compression) to infinity (brick-wall)
  • gain up to +24dB
  • attack in range from 0.03ms to 30ms
  • release in range from 50ms to 2 seconds
  • adjustable knee width 0-24dB (0dB = hard-knee)
  • adjustable knee strength (0% = hard knee)
  • 2 optional filters for internal side-chain
  • optional ‘push’ effect for more extreme compression
  • dry/wet control for parallel compression (0-100%)
  • switchable topology (feed-forward/feedback)
  • no saturation modelling

Maybe it would be also useful to add that the effect works in stereo, i.e. you can put it on both mono and stereo tracks. I think that it’s a pretty much given in this day and age, but just in case anyone would wonder.

Well, if you are in need of a VCA like compressor with the ability to adjust all meaningful parameters of audio compression process, one that’s without excessive digital fakery of so-called ‘mojo’ (whatever that means), SN01-G is made for you. If, on top of it all, you like to play it solely by ear, SN01 is your match made in heaven.

To get a taste of the sound, watch this fantastic demo video created by people at Sonisto (the actual demo starts at 0:20, but I encourage you to watch the whole thing 😉 ) By the way, it’s possible to download and install the plugin via the Sonisto install manager, too.

Video by Sonisto

And don’t let the price fool you – the best things in life are free 😉

Download plug-in >>